Did you know that Efficient Electric heaters systems are 100% efficient?

The reason is simple.  There is no gas or oil to burn in an in-efficient boiler that wastes energy through the flue and piping.

Efficient Electric HeatersOld boilers are even worse, and inefficient systems will mean substantially higher bills.

All of the energy consumed by our Thermapanel efficient electric heaters is converted into heat and when controlled by one of our programmable thermostats means that you have control over what is consumed and when, which will affect  the size of your bill.

Modern Electric radiators work like a combination heater which means they can store heat via a series of special ceramic cells but also work like an instantaneous heater when you need to increase the temperature.

Because of this it also means that everything consumed is converted into heat.

Also if you have been wise and selected one of the better tariffs for your area then you can maximise any available savings from that also.  Old storage heaters have to work on Economy 7 but there are a number of alternatives available which are suitable for different areas.

Our Thermapanel radiators are the most efficient available due to the use of modern materials and infinite controllability, so please give us a call on