Electric Central Heating

Most people when asked what their preferred type of heating system is – will answer that they want a fully controllable system, or in other words central heating that they can control. Achieving this with a series electric heaters is now a breeze using wireless technology.

Zoning areas in your house to save money

Energy Savings can be achieved by controlling the time and temperature that a group of electric radiators would operate – in other words making it work as an electric central heating system.

Managing areas or Zones in a property allows you to control the times and temperatures that your electric radiators operate in that particular area.

Programmable thermostat

By manging these zones or areas allows you then to manage a smaller area from the rest of the property and therefore generate Energy Savings.

Firstly you need to define what areas will be in your zone.  So in either a House or individual apartment i.e.  Bedrooms would normally operate at different times to other rooms and you may also to have them at a lower temperatures.

Additionally in reception rooms where you are seated for longer periods, the electric radiators would operate for longer and at a higher temperature, as it is then when you would feel the cold more so than when at rest in bed.

Once you have decided on what would be in each zone you can then choose how and what equipment you need to manage the use of the Electric Radiators in each zone.

Most houses would only normally need two zones – Bedrooms on one zone and Reception rooms, Hall etc on another zone.  However there is nothing to stop you managing each individual electric radiator on time and temperature for ultimate flexibility.

No Wiring Needed!

Wireless Image

The last thing you need is disruption and having a wireless system is the best way forward as they are very easy to set-up and use, and needs nobody chasing out the walls in your home.

With the latest versions of wireless systems you can truly have an electric central heating system that not only centrally manages the whole system, but then will manage each area or zone, and allow changes to any radiator be made from just one location

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