Electric Heating for Trade and Specifiers

Designing cost effective heating for buildings needs to take account of lots of factors; building regulations; ease and costs of install; refurbishment; capital costs; operating and maintenance costs; and now even impact on carbon footprint! You also want something that looks good and delights your clients — and won’t have them ringing up to complain.

Here’s four ways we help builders and architects to overcome all this.

Electra Heat helps you design better ways to heat any building to exactly match the needs of each type of room, from board rooms to top floor flats. Safer, cleaner and far more efficient than traditional electric heaters, Electra Heat delivers increased thermal efficiency by improving how you can manage heat use, for example by avoiding heating unoccupied spaces through use of heating controls, without necessarily sacrificing comfort levels using state of the art wireless controllers that turn the heating on just when you need it. Meaning your clients only pay for what you actually need.

If you are designing electric heating for trade and specifiers it’s the simplest option to comply with building regulations that stop you using gas heating on high rise buildings.

Easy installation means no need for costly copper piping and insulation to provide wet heat, no boiler installs and safety checks, means faster lower cost construction. And this simplicity means there’s less risk of post installation problems.

Best of all there are classic modern design for every type of room and situation.

Once installed the beauty of Electra Heat is greatly reduced overheads, with no need for annual maintenance contract.

To get the facts on most affordable options for your next project, get one of our heating technicians can do a quick assessment by phone. If you have a large project then we’ll get a local engineer to do a quick site survey or review of you building design free of charge and obligation. They’re trained to give you a 3-5 year predicted total cost of ownership, with no hidden extras that you can easily compare with other forms of heating. This includes advice on best tariffs and many other ways to save money and free software to help design optimal energy savings.

Use our expertise and technology to delight your clients and ensure there are never any post installation problems. Start now with some free design consultation, call us on the number below.

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