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You can keep extra warm and save money with Our Range of Stylish, easy to use and Efficient Slimline Electric Radiators & Electric heaters which deliver more Heat at substantially lower running costs than Traditional storage heaters and more effectively than panel or convector heaters. So if want you can repair yours at Blomberg appliance repair. Typically when upgrading electric storage heaters you can save 40% when compared to Storage Heaters. Furthermore our Electric Radiators & Electric Heaters will ensure you have heat at any time day or night without the problems associated with storage heaters.

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A New Generation of Hyper Efficient Radiators is Here

thermapanel girona electric heaterExperience the pure power and control-ability of our range of Electric radiators for yourself and you
will never go back to traditional, inefficient radiators every again.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

No doubt you will have many questions about our heaters including installing them, how to control the temperature, do they have timers or programmers etc. well you will find all the answers you need by clicking here Frequently asked Questions

Electric Radiator Running Costs

thermapanel santander electric heaterProbably the most asked question is how much do our electric radiator cost to run? We won’t answer that
on this page but you will find all that you need on this page Running Costs The cutting edge technology
employed in our heating products mean that you can control the temperature of your home like never before

  • Easy to purchase with financing available
  • Low cost to run
  • No need for a boiler
  • No need for annual Gas safety certification
  • Our radiators dont need an engineer or plumber to install
  • Discounts for 5 or more purchased
  • Virtually zero maintenance
  • Free 10 year parts and labour warranty included
  • No need for messy plumbing work
  • Hi tech, green designs mean less electricity usage and lower bills

Electric Storage Heaters Pricing

Naturally you want to understand what kind of investment is needed when choosing the right electric radiators for you home, especially as you may have had your old heaters for many years, so why not get a better understanding by checking our Electric Radiator Price page

Take a look at some of the other features available across our entire range.

Heat Your Home In Style For Less

Eye catching designs

  • Put your radiators where you like, not where your plumbing dictates
  • Highly energy efficient and clean due to advanced electrical technology
  • Multiple timing settings give you complete control individually or as an electric central heating system
    Low carbon footprint
  • Fast to heat up and slow to cool down – perfect for those cold winter mornings and nights!

Top Performance and total climate control

  • Large range of contemporary and classic designs to choose from.
  • A range of colours and styles to match any decor
  • Whether your home is young or old, we have a style to suit

Installation, Delivery and Guarantees

  • Full parts and labour guarantee
  • Fast delivery usually within 48 hours
  • Self installing option using simple to follow instructions
  • Optional full service offer including design, selection and installation service throughout the UK
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We offer national delivery within the mainland UK and can arrange for local installation through our network of approved contractors.

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