Electric Heater Prices

We want to make sure you get the right electric radiator prices for your project and to suit your budget.  To give you some examples of of our electric radiator prices please see below.

Example Electric Radiator Prices

A small 1 bedroom flat with 3 Radiators – Living Room/Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom – will cost from £495 + VAT

A 2 bedroom house or flat with 4 Radiators – Living Room/Kitchen, 2 x Bedrooms & Bathroom – will cost from £650 + VAT

A 3 bedroom flat with 5 Radiators – Living Room, 3 x Bedrooms & Bathroom – will cost from £795 + VAT

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Why not try our new Radiator Calculator which gives you a good indicator of what you need as well as instant prices.

However may we suggest you call us on either  or  to discuss your particular requirements and the various options and alternatives available.  Don’t leave your radiator selection to chance and strongly suggest however that if you have a genuine interest in working out a full range of comparative prices, then we suggest you complete our quote request form here where you can enter your room sizes, then leave the rest to us.

Our Prices vs the competition

You are trying to get the best electric heater prices for heating your home and maybe you’ve got 2 or 3 prices already and need to make the right decision ASAP.

Pound Sign

We recognise that we have many competitors with a wide range of differing products and one company saying one thing and another something else and each one telling you that their product is the best! Correct?  So by now your completely baffled.

Here is the typical dilemma.  What do I consider is best?

  • Low price – low quality?
  • High price – over priced
  • Cheap to buy – expensive to use
  • Cheap price – short warranty

All a complete minefield!

So do you just plum for the one with the lowest prices and the best looking web site?

As you will have seen we have many different radiators and to just expect you to select something from a price list or shopping cart yourself would be un-professional of us.

Rather than give you list of prices (which we are happy to e-mail if you request them) we would prefer to politely ask you for your room sizes and application, and we can then assist you in choosing the best solution in terms of radiator output, controllability, budget and physical size.

Our individual prices start as low as £95 and go up to £445 depending on model and output, and that can determine what is right for you also.

We suggest you look at a number of factors as detailed below  to determine your position and this should help you to decide what radiators are right for you.

  • Your budget – clearly that will have an impact on what radiators you can choose from
  • How long you plan to stay in the property – this will make a difference on running costs
  • Is this for a rental property – if you pay the bills but build it into the rental charge then you want the lowest running cost, whereas if the tenant pays the bill does it make any difference to you what quality/price the radiators are.
  • Do you have a modern or older style of home – as this can also determine the radiator appearance
  • Location and size of radiators in each room – if you have limited wall space that can also make you choose different radiators to fit into certain spaces
  • Thermostat control & timer programming – the more control you have over each room/area/zone the lower the running costs, so flexibility can be really important as some radiators have very limited control functions
  • How easy are they to fit
  • If you are replacing old storage or panel heaters whats involved with removing the old units
  • What are the internal components of the radiator- ceramic, oil, gel, open element, storage bricks – this can have a huge impact on running costs and radiator life
  • Length of warranty and replacement policy
  • Delivery time

These are just some of the factors to be considered so we suggest you use the list above and measure each type against whats important to you.

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