Slimline Electric Radiator


As you will have seen we have many different types of Electric Radiators for homes, which are designed to give you a cross section of styles as well as meeting customers different budgets.

Electric Radiators and in broader terms “Electric Heaters” can now be selected and operated in many different formats. Some people prefer a simple basic dial type thermostat to control the temperature, whereas others prefer more control over the times that they operate and they choose the more sophisticated options of either integrated or wireless programmable thermostats which allow you up to 6 different on/off times to suit the individuals requirements.

With some of our models they can also be used as Electric Central Heating systems – meaning that you can choose which ones come on/off from a central programming unit, and when coupled with one of our power load management systems gives you the ultimate controllability.

Please feel free to look through our different models below

Thermapanel Santander

Thermapanel Premium

Thermapanel Classic