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Thanks for considering Electraheat. We promise to give you attractive and efficient electric radiator heating, expertly tailored for you and your property. Call us today. We’re here to help.

Whether you are a property developer, architect, contractor or homeowner, we have a range of products to suit everybody’s budgets. We don’t sell low cost budget heaters just to fit someone’s budget, we do sell high quality electric radiators that are designed to look nice, last a long time and are economical and simple to use. Please don’t consider old outdated technology such as electric storage heaters or panel heaters. They have very limited control and can be expensive to use.

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As busy homeowners, it’s important to most of us that we spend our own time at home in warmth and comfort. A place to relax and enjoy. Why feel cold in the evenings when the heat has expired from the electric storage heaters. If you have been using a Dimplex Storage Heater or other Heater Panel why not consider what the Thermapanel Premium Electical Heating systems can offer you.

You may have electric storage heaters, or panel convector heaters. You hate the way they look, the way they work and the amount of money they cost you to use.

So how best do I heat my home using electricity? Well, very simply we offer you three types of energy efficient electric radiator options – both different but exceptional and can work as a full electric central heating system.

Your first option is the Thermapanel Premium Electric Radiators.

They are available in 3 designs,

Prices start at £95 and go up to £455

The different designs of the Thermapanel Premium radiators fit beautifully into any home environment. They give you full control with excellent efficiency which normally far exceeds that of the electric storage heater alternatives. You might have considered electric storage heaters or panel heaters before. Forget it!

We can give you an intelligent wireless thermostat/programmer which can be connected with each Thermapanel Premium Electric Radiator. Now each of your room temperatures are easily controlled and automatically monitored. This gives you the power to keep a check on your spending and conserve valuable energy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into a warm home, and all without the worry of old, ugly, inefficient, uncontollable and expensive to use electric storage heaters.

Inside the Thermapanel Premium Electric radiators are a series of special heat retaining cells. Each is cleverly controlled to absorb energy and give off heat individually. The result? Impressive, healthy heat output with surprisingly little electrical consumption – proven. All backed by a range of extensive Guarantees

Our powerful, yet attractive electric heating solutions are guaranteed to perform, and you can be safe in the knowledge that all of our products have been tested and exceed all European and British safety standards – more than any other equivalent products available.

Many properties are in areas where there is no mains gas, and therefore the options for heating the home are limited, can be expensive, unsightly and have poor control.

We are the UK’s leaders in electric heating. From electric boilers to hot water cylinders, electric radiators and electric towel rails, you will find a variety of choice for your heating and hot water requirements.

For assistance in the selection and compliance with the latest building regulations and the Domestic Heating Compliance Guide, just call us on to discuss your project.

All Electraheat electric heating solutions offer:

  • 24 hour fully controllable and flexible system
  • Cost effective alternative to storage heating, oil, LPG or solid fuel
  • 100% efficient technology
  • Familiar controls (programmer / timer and thermostat)
  • Easy installation – no unsightly pipes.

With over 60 years of combined experience developing and selling electric central heating products the personnel at Electraheat can advise on all aspects of electrical heating, from the best technology to the best tariffs

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Living with Premium Thermapanels means it’s always warm when you come in from the cold, yet you’re not spending a fortune on running them – Simple.

These unique wirelesses thermostatically controlled radiators, are manufactured by highly respected manufacturers, and provide the combined benefits offered by both wet systems and electric storage heater systems.

The Thermapanel electric radiator range has been developed to be attractive and can be used in the smallest easy to heat bedroom, to the large hard to heat living room. These highly efficient electric radiators are easy to use in individual areas such as extensions, loft conversions, conservatories, garden buildings, or as a whole house electric central heating system. Because of the wireless control system, they are exceptionally simple to install, and do not require any special wiring. Indeed they can be individually controlled on temperature, and centrally on a timed basis.

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When you select our energy efficient electric radiators, you will be extremely impressed with the performance, effectiveness, reliability, control and aesthetics of these cost effective heaters. Due to the superior quality of the product, we have no hesitation in offering a 10-year warranty throughout the electric radiator range.

All of our electric wall mounted radiators can be plugged into a standard 13amp socket; however for a bathroom or fully controllable electric central heating system, we recommend that they be wired into a fused spur.

A range of outputs from 1000w to 2500w

Sensible level of investment – System prices comparable to Gas Central Heating.

  • Simple effective controllability
  • Guarantee of supply
  • No maintenance
  • Overall lifetime costs (Initial funds, maintenance, running costs) lower than other systems
  • Clean and comfortable
  • Easy to install – fixed to wall, or optional legs or castors
  • Easily removable when decorating
  • When moving house, just take them with you

The Thermapanel Sevilla Range

Our new highly efficient Thermapanel Sevilla Aluminium electric radiators are a modern design flat front radiator.



The Thermapanel Girona Range

Traditional Design Steel Radiator

Girona Radiator In Lounge

Our Stylish Girona Radiator










Thermapanel Santander Radiators



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