New Radiator Calculator

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We have developed a simple way of giving you what you want for your home with our new Electric Radiator Calculator.  Just enter your room information into the fields requested and hey presto instant prices and radiator selection from our entire range.

Radiator Calculator


However if you still have questions please call on  or  from a mobile

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Finance your Electric Heating system

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Home Improvement Financial Assistance – Finance your Electric Heating system

Is your old electric heating system going to make it through another winter? If not, we at Electra Heat can give you a helping hand.
We know this is an expensive time of year for everyone. However, financial help is available, with an instant decision online. We work alongside Money Solutions UK to offer you a financial solution tailored to your needs – EVEN IF YOU HAVE BEEN REFUSED CREDIT IN THE PAST.

Money Solutions UK give you the opportunity to arrange your own retail finance through their panel of lenders but with only one application form to complete!

Money Solutions UK can offer you finance solutions even if you have found credit difficult to get in the past.

If you are a homeowner we offer flexible terms on a wide range of home improvement loans.

  • You can include additional items in your loan, delivery charges and even money for a holiday, car or consolidation (if required) in the loan advance.
  • The minimum advance is £500 on standard personal loan, or £2,000 for secured loans.
  • Flexible payment options over 12 – 300 months or longer if required.
  • Competitive rates of interest based on your circumstances.


Click here

How to Apply

Input the introducer reference code ELECTRAHEAT  where requested, complete the form with your full details and let Money Solutions Uk do the rest.

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New Price Lists Update

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We are please to publish our latest price lists with no price increases

So why not check them out here too


Thermapanel Premium List Price 01.05.12




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Money Back Guarantee

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Money Back Guarantee







Not many companies are prepared to offer you any form of guarantee these days, but we are please to say that we are so confident in our products and of their performance in your home  that we can now offer you a 100% unconditional Money back guarantee as long as you notify us within 30 days from date of receipt of goods.  We know what we are doing, have many years experience and are prepared to put our money where our mouth is.

So if you have putting off that decision because you don’t know or indeed trust your judgement then this should help you in the knowledge that your money is safe.  So give us a call now on

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We are Shopper Approved!

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We are pleased to receive the high quality Shopper Approved 5-star Seal of approval which means we value our customers opinions about their whole experience when purchasing from us.

We ask every customer to rate everything from the time they ordered to receiving their delivery and we have achieved 5 stars from every one to date, and we aim to continue this with all or future customers too.


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Electric Heating Experts

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We know a little about this subject as we have been designing and selecting heating systems for over 30 years.  You can be safe in the knowledge that we know what we are doing and have the Electric heating expertise and experience supported by excellent electric radiator products from tried and tested European manufacturers which have been made specifically for the UK market.

Other companies are mere suppliers – you choose what you want at a price you can afford. But can you be sure you are choosing correctly for what you need in each room?

Send us an email detailing your room sizes with the uniqueness of your home and let the experts do the rest.  Or click on the link below and enter your details and let the Electric Heating experts do the rest.  if you prefer to call us on  

Thermapanel Quote Form

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Choosing your Electric Tariff

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Picking the right Electricity tariff from all the types available is a minefield for many of us – however fortunately the Energy regulator is now insisting that the UK’s big six providers provide much simpler tariffs to make it easier to switch, and it is imperative the you do regularly research what’s the best option for you and there are many on-line switching providers including, and to name a few.



However there have been other alternatives available from several providers known as Economy 10 and also in some areas Staywarm, but there are some rules that have to be followed.

If you want to get Economy 10 in your area then its best to try the Which web site

If you have electric heating then depending on what type you have and where you live and who pays the bills (occupier or landlord) may determine what your choices are.  Some people might prefer to fix their prices for a given time.  Also if the home is occupied all day will make a difference to how large or small the bill will be. Either way with electric heating its worth doing some basic research first as choosing the wrong tariff could cost you.

Energy Prices continue to rise and home owners and occupiers end up footing the bill and if you want to read more about this, please follow this link 




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Efficient Electric Heaters

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Did you know that Efficient Electric heaters are 100% efficient?

The reason is simple.  As there are no gas or oil fuels to burn in an in-efficient boiler that wastes energy through the flue and piping.

Old BoilerOld boilers are even worse, and inefficient systems will mean substantially higher bills.

All of the energy consumed by our Thermapanel electric radiators is converted into heat and when controlled by one of our wireless programmable thermostats means that you have control over what is consumed and when and in turn the size of your bill.

Modern Electric radiators work like a combination heater which means they can store heat via a series of special ceramic cells but also work like an instantaneous heater when you need to increase the temperature.

Because of this it also means that everything consumed is converted into heat.


Also if you have been wise and selected one of the better tariffs for your area then you can maximise any available savings from that also.  Old storage heaters have to work on Economy 7 but there are a number of alternatives available which are suitable for different areas.

Our Thermapanel radiators are the most efficient available due to the use of modern materials and infinite controllability, so please give us a call on


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Thermapanel Santander Radiators

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Thermapanel Santander – a stylish new range of dynamic heaters with ultra efficient ceramic storage cells

A Brand new range of attractive and stylish slim radiators to suit all types of properties.  Available in a vairiety of styles and with either manual, digital, programmable or full wireless control.  perfectly designed for the property developer who is looking for individual and zone control with full load management over the load management and consumption

If you want prices for these latest designs, please get a quote now by clicking on the link below

Thermapanel Quote Form




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A Wide Selection of Affordable, Stylish And Economical Electric Radiators

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A new Generation of Hyper efficient radiators is here

Experience the raw power and controllability of our range of Electric radiators for yourself and you will never go back to traditional, inefficient radiators every again.

The cutting edge technology employed in our heating products mean that you can control the temperature of your home like never before

  • Quick to heat up and slow to cool down
  • Market beating purchase prices
  • Can run on a fraction of the power of traditional radiators
  • Easy to use control panel with multiple timing settings
  • Come in a wide range of styles to suit any home
  • So easy to install you can do it yourself
  • 10 year guarantee for parts and labour included with all radiators
  • Fantastic discounts for bulk purchases

Read The key features for yourself below

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