Electraheat supplies a variety of highly accurate Electric Heating Temperature Controls, including optional Wireless Room Thermostats for Electric Heating and Wireless Central Heating Controls and Timers.

Probably the most important part of the Electric Radiator system is the ability to closely control the room temperatures and the times in which the heating is working, all of which has a direct impact on the bill you pay!



What you need is a simple to set-up and a simple to use Thermostat/Timer system, and we have some options available to you.
Please find below some the options available to you.

Wireless Central control of all radiators in your home

To control all radiators from a central location on a time and temperature basis you will need this simple 7-day programmer, which will enable all radiators to operate to switch on and off at the same time and manage an average temperature throughout your home.  Additional functions include Frost and Holiday settings, and allows up to 5 time programmes per day to be set.  If you also require individual room temperature control you will need individual room thermostats as shown below.

Programmable wireless thermostat









Wireless room Thermostat


A Wireless Digital room thermostat, that can operate independently as a thermostat, with a frost setting as standard, and can be connected to the central unit above to switch radiators on/off on a time programme.