Thermapanel Radiators – What’s the difference?

Thermapanel Electric radiator types and how to choose between them

When trying to pick what suits you best there are a number of factors to consider which include the following to name but a few

  • What you can afford
  • How long you plan to keep the property
  • Running Costs
  • Appearance
  • Size
  • Thermostats and programming
  • Warranty
  • How long we have been around

Unfortunately if you have been shopping around it can all be very confusing, and whilst we will not comment on or competitors products we will only make you aware of the types we sell, and having over 60-years combined experience we think we know a little about what we are talking about, and therefore only offer what is best to meet these criteria.

We have two ranges to suit different budgets and short & long term needs.

Thermapanel Premium radiators

For those in it for the long run – those looking to stay in their property for many years we suggest:

The Thermapanel Premium range which range all have ceramic cells inside and include the following models:

  • Girona
  • Santander

Thermapanel Classic radiators

For those clients who may be looking to rent or refurbish their property with a view to a quick sale then you might want to consider The Thermapanel Classic range which have fluid inside and include the:

  • Salamanca ECD
  • Salamanca ESC

What are the differences?

Any of the Premium radiators with Ceramic cells inside will have similar running costs, and will cost less to use than the Classic radiators  Warm up times for the Santander is quicker as it has an Aluminium body.

The Santander radiators have built-in timers & thermostats meaning that you can control each room independently on time & temperature.  As the Girona does not have a built-in thermostat it means use must use the wireless controller/programmer.  The Girona radiators are in the typical German electric radiator style and tend to be used if customers prefer a traditional style of radiator (similar to gas radiators), whereas The Santander are used for those that prefer modern clean designs.

The Thermapanel Classic radiators cost less to buy and are lighter than the equivalent Thermapanel Premium but will be more expensive to use – the exact difference will depend on the quality of insulation, location, type and age of property, but loosely will be 15-20%

The optional wireless controllers allow you to use this combined programmer/thermostat to manage all or group of radiators i.e bedrooms so that they all switch on at the same time and all go to the same temperatures, it also means that they can be used as a full electric central heating system but that is your choice.

They are very easy and simple to install/programme.

Running costs for all electric heating will be higher than that of gas purely because the purchase cost per KW/h of gas is much lower than electricity, but the efficiency of electric is 100% because everything you consume is tuned into heat, which is not the case with gas.  Also you have the disruption with installing a wet system.


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