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We want to make sure you get the right electric radiator prices for your project and to suit your budget.  To give you some examples of of our electric radiator prices please see below.

A 1 bedroom flat with 3 Radiators – Living Room/Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom – will cost from £595 + VAT

A 2 bedroom house or flat with 4 Radiators – Living Room/Kitchen, 2 x Bedrooms & Bathroom – will cost from £780 + VAT

A 3 bedroom flat with 5 Radiators – Living Room, 3 x Bedrooms & Bathroom – will cost from £995 + VAT

Why not try our new Radiator Calculator which gives you a good indicator of what you need as well as instant prices.

However may we suggest you call us on either  or  to discuss your particular requirements and the various options and alternatives available.  Don’t leave your radiator selection to chance and strongly suggest however that if you have a genuine interest in working out a full range of comparative prices, then we suggest you complete our quote request form here where you can enter your room sizes, then leave the rest to us.

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