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Electraheat supply Electric heating radiators, Skirting radiators and Electric towel radiators that are both economical to install and run as well as being energy efficient.

They are an ideal solution to replace electric storage heaters, and if you are developing a new project are easy to select, specify, and very easy to fit. 

For an Energy efficient way of heating why not consider a Heat Pump system that can run conventional 'wet' radiators or a skirting heating or underfloor heating.

Welcome to Electraheat

Cold spots in your home can be a thing of the past with a well-placed electric radiator. If you?re looking to replace or upgrade your current heating system or have a hard to heat area, then you?ve come to the right company. We?re one of the UK?s most experienced providers of electric central heating ? radiators that are good looking, energy efficient and bank balance friendly.  Old Electric Radiator Heater systems generlly means large bills, and by installing an alternative to those outdated Panel Electric Heaters means an a new modern attractive solution that also tackels those bills.
Stay warm with minimal fuss
Keeping warm isn?t a luxury, it?s a necessity that?s key to your health and comfort. Electric radiators offer you many advantages over the traditional cast iron central heating radiator, which is predominantly gas-powered. Many electric radiators simply need to be taken out of their packaging and plugged in; no plumbing to worry about, no installation hassles, no fuss. As stand alone units, electric radiators also allow you to heat rooms based on their use, which in turn leads to lower energy use and smaller bills. So why not replace your old Electric Heater Radiator, or Dimplex Electric Heater with a modern efficent alternative.
Quality and design
Whether you?re a developer, architect, contractor or homeowner, our range of products offers electric central heating radiators to suit every budget. Our high quality electric radiators are designed to look great as well as being durable, user-friendly and economical. Intelligent wireless thermostats can be connected with each of your radiators, meaning individual room temperatures are easily controlled and automatically monitored. You, therefore, have the power to conserve energy and keep a check on your spending.
Electric central heating couldn?t be easier
Whether you?re looking for an entire central heating system or an extra provider of warmth for a specific room, Electraheat can provide you with the perfect appliance. Low installation and maintenance costs, along with greater heat control and improved efficiency, all adds up to a wise decision in central heating. Radiators have never been so clever. These modern electric radiator heaters are ideal if you were considering panel electric heaters. Contact us today to find out how electric heating solutions can help you.

Thanks for choosing Electraheat. Our promise is to give you incredibly efficient Electric Heating, expertly tailored for you and your home.  Call us today - we're here to help. Call now on

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Thermapanel Premium Electric Radiators

Thermapanel Classic Electric Radiators

Thermatowel Electric Towel Radiators

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Quality - It's important that you choose your new electric heaters wisely.  You need proven quality that will last, is proven and is sensible to use.  Our Electric radiators do just that.  This is not new technology, its been around since the early fifties.  If your'e comparing our radiators against others, please make sure they have the full safety and performance certification, which you can download


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