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We were established specifically to supply a range of Electric Radiators and and Electric Heating Systems, as an alternative to the range of Electric Panel Heaters and Electric Convector Heaters which were only available from the traditional manufacturers.

In Europe Electric Central Heating is far more popular than conventional Gas Heating systems chiefly because mains gas is not widely available, indeed many countries rely on large bottled gas installations as an alternative.

Therefore a wide range of stylish Electric Radiator systems are available, and we have access to proven manufacturers with established reputations and quality products.

We do not offer shopping cart systems, that potentially allows you to choose something that could be completely unsuitable, indeed we prefer to assist you in selecting what is right for you and taking into account your decor, style preference, physical limitations - such as furniture and windows etc, and of course your budget.

Send us an e-mail by clicking here with details of your enquiry and we will contact you to discuss further.

Or if you would prefer to discuss the alternatives and save you making a mistake just call on or

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