Replacing Storage Heaters


You don’t need us to tell you that your old electric storage heaters are one of the most inefficient ways of heating your home. You already know that.  As you can see from the list below are some reminders of the issues surrounding your electric storage heaters.



  • You have the sheer lack of control to consider
  • You have to think what the weather will be like the next day
  • The heat will have expired by the time you come home from work
  • You can stop the heat coming out – so if the weather turns warm you have to open the windows to let the heat out that you have just paid for!
  • You will have to consider an extra heater in the evenings to top the heat up
  • You will have black stains on your walls from the dust being burnt by the open heater element


So now you know of the limitations what do you need to do to replace these old storage heaters?

You will obviously need to source an alternative and hopefully something that is slim, more attractive (I’m not talking about me here!) fully controllable easy to install and easy to use, as well as offering the ability to programme each one individually and control when and at what temperature they will work to, and – obviously we would like to sell you our energy efficient electric heaters to meet those requirements

You will want to get a professional to handle any possible wiring changes and to quote for removal and disposal of the old heaters and to quote for installing the new ones.  You can of course choose to install the new electric radiators yourself

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