Thermapanel Radiators – What’s the difference?

Thermapanel Electric radiator types and how to choose between them

When trying to pick what suits you best there are a number of factors to consider which include the following to name but a few

  • What you can afford
  • How long you plan to keep the property
  • Running Costs
  • Appearance
  • Size
  • Thermostats and programming
  • Warranty
  • How long we have been around

Unfortunately if you have been shopping around it can all be very confusing, and whilst we will not comment on or competitors products we will only make you aware of the types we sell, and having over 60-years combined experience we think we know a little about what we are talking about, and therefore only offer what is best to meet these criteria.

We have two ranges to suit different budgets and short & long term needs.

Thermapanel Premium radiators

For those in it for the long run – those looking to stay in their property for many years we suggest:

The ThermapanelPremium range which range all have ceramic cells inside and include the following models:

  • Girona
  • Santander

Thermapanel Classic radiators

For those clients who may be looking to rent or refurbish their property with a view to a quick sale then you might want to consider The Thermapanel Classic range which have fluid inside and include the:

  • Salamanca ECD
  • Salamanca ESC

What are the differences?

Any of the Premium radiators with Ceramic cells inside will have similar running costs, and will cost less to use than the Classic radiators  Warm up times for the Santander is quicker as it has an Aluminium body.

The Santander radiators have built-in timers & thermostats meaning that you can control each room independently on time & temperature.  As the Girona does not have a built-in thermostat it means use must use the wireless controller/programmer.  The Girona radiators are in the typical German electric radiator style and tend to be used if customers prefer a traditional style of radiator (similar to gas radiators), whereas The Santander are used for those that prefer modern clean designs.

The Thermapanel Classic radiators cost less to buy and are lighter than the equivalent Thermapanel Premium but will be more expensive to use – the exact difference will depend on the quality of insulation, location, type and age of property, but loosely will be 15-20%

The optional wireless controllers allow you to use this combined programmer/thermostat to manage all or group of radiators i.e bedrooms so that they all switch on at the same time and all go to the same temperatures, it also means that they can be used as a full electric central heating system but that is your choice.

They are very easy and simple to install/programme.

Running costs for all electric heating will be higher than that of gas purely because the purchase cost per KW/h of gas is much lower than electricity, but the efficiency of electric is 100% because everything you consume is tuned into heat, which is not the case with gas.  Also you have the disruption with installing a wet system.

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My House Has Never Been So Warm

I cannot believe how modern and efficient my new Thermapanel Girnona radiators are.  I have a large old house that has always been difficult to heat  and installed my radiators were ordered in two stages.  Now that they are all installed and working my house has never been so warm.  Thanks so much for your speedy response and delivery

Lynn R – Cowden, Kent “My house has never been so warm”

New Order for Thames Gateway project

We are please to announce that we have been awared the project to supply 320 radiators as Phase 1 of the Thanmes Gateway project at Dartford crossing.  The project was awarded by a major M&E consultant in Berkshire

Thermapanel Classic Installation Instructions

Thermapanel Classic


Thanks for getting your radiators to us in time for Christmas.  We have family visiting and the house has never been so warm.  Thanks again


Electric Heater Special Offers

Discounted Prices

We have a number of electric heater special offers available on a constantly changing basis but these below are regularly available

  • Buy 3 or more radiators and get a 5% discount
  • Buy 5 or more and get a 10% discount.
  • Offers limited until further notice.
  • Offers do not apply to quotations already provided.

Clearance Offers

We have a few radiators in perfect condition that have some minor damage to the boxes only.  The radiators are in perfect condition and have been checked and tested.  We have the following available:-

  • 2 x Thermapanel Salamanca ECD 1.5Kw – £195 each Normally £267
  • 1 x 900w Chrome Towel radiator £145 -  Normally £225
  • 1 x Thermapanel Salamanca ESD 0.5Kw – £110 Normally £140
  • 1 x Thermapanel Salamanca ESD 0.75Kw – £130 Normally £165

To order just call


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Electric Heat Pumps


Air to Water Heat Pumps – Low Cost Heating Technology


Heat Pumps – What are they, and what are they used for?

Air Source Heat Pump technology has become very popular. Energy is used to draw the heat from the surrounding air, and use it to generate a much greater amount of heat. Even when temperatures are considerably below zero, the cold air contains energy which can be used for efficient heating. Air source heat pumps are efficient even at minus temperatures. In the U.K. we have relatively mild temperatures meaning that the heat pump will run with excellent efficiency all the year round.

What are they used for and can I use one?

If you have a typical wet radiator system, or underfloor heating system then this Heat Pump technology could be ideal for you. The Heat Pump technology and method of working is not new – indeed they were invented more than 50 years ago.

So if you are building or refurbishing a property and want long term low running costs without loss of comfort, and at the same time you save energy and CO2 emissions then a Heat Pump is a must.

CO2 emissions are considerably reduced as 75% of your energy usage is now coming from the outside air. An air source heat pump only produces around 40% of the emissions of a typical gas condensing boiler.

Our air source heat pumps can be used for a wide range of applications including heating, cooling, domestic hot water and swimming pools.

What type of heat pump do I need and what’s involved with the installation?

Put simply in a domestic application then one of two types.

An Air to Water Heat Pump – Which takes heat from the air and converts it for heat into water, and you will need a box outside similar to this.

A Ground Source Heat Pump – Which takes heat from the ground as the temperature is a regular 12 C all year round. However there will be considerable ground works required to install the heat exchanger coil.

For normal wet central heating with modern high efficiency radiators, underfloor heating or skirting radiators, then we recommend either an Air to Water Heat Pump, which is ideal for virtually any property, or a ground souce heat pump if you have the space to put large coil into the ground.

There are several makes around – how do I know whats best for me?

The COP of an air source heat pump is the Coefficient Of Performance. A COP of 4 means that for every kilowatt of electricity put in, you get 4 kilowatts of energy in the form of warm water. The COP rating we use for our calculations is based on a yearly average, which we have found to be 3.8. Many other manufacturers us a COP reading based on 20 F. However as we rarely reach these temperatures in the U.K. we have provided a full range of COP readings with the corresponding temperatures.

Our Air source heat pumps consist of one simple compact unit. The smaller models such as the 3 kW and the 5 kW are generally used for quick and easy installation to provide cost effective domestic hot water. These units have the added advantage that they can be located internally (generally in roof spaces) as well as externally, and they can easily be plumbed into an indirect cylinder. For those wanting hot water & heating, larger models are available which are suitable for underfloor and radiator heating but will need to be sited externally, as per the image above. In addition the larger units have a hot water tank which ascts as a buffer when used for central heating water.

The co-efficient of performance or COP of a heat pump is the ratio of the output heat to the electricity input supplied, i.e, one kilowatt of energy used produces 4 kilowatts of heat. The Therma air pump unit works out at a COP rating of between 3.6 to 4.8 depending on the air temperature . Below is an average cost per kWh for the main fuels, when calculating the heat pump one needs to divide the kWh by the COP. I.E. 10p per kWh peak divided by a COP off 4 equals 2.5p per kWh; off peak is 1.4p per kWh.

Natural Gas 3.4p per kWh Electric off peak 5.6p per kWh
Coal 13.p per kWh Oil 6.9p per kWh
LPG bulk 8.8p per kWh Wood logs 1.0p per kWh
LPG cylinder 9.2p per kWh Wood chippings 1.5p per kWh
Electric 10.p per kWh Wood pellet 3.0p per kWh

These units are becoming more and more popular, more so on oil and LPG boiler replacements as they are four times cheaper to run than oil and LPG, working in conjunction with solar photovoltaic panels you could have a situation where you are heating and lighting you r house free of charge

Therma Airpump System
This is a split system i.e., it has both inside and outside units. The outdoor unit extracts low temperature energy from the environment; it upgrades the temperature then via a refrigerant circuit transfers it to the indoor unit, giving a typical COP range from 3 to 5, which means extracting heat from renewable sources requires only 1 kW of electric input to produce 3 to 5kW of heating, making this unit more than capable of warming a house completely even during our coldest winter days.

The indoor unit is known as a “aqua box”, which can be connected to existing radiators, under floor heating, skirting radiators or convector heaters. There are two options of this box; one that does heating only and the other does heating and cooling. Inbuilt to this unit is a standby electrical booster heater so that heat can be maintained should the pump malfunction. A domestic hot water tank is required which is constructed of stainless steel to maintain the highest standard of energy efficiency. With the combination of electric booster heaters and heat pump exchanger ensures rapid water heating with the lowest possible energy consumption.

The system controls are user friendly and gives you flexibility throughout the year for your heating and cooling functions.

This unit is very flexible as far as positioning is concerned, the outside unit having the ability to be up to 70 meters from the aqua box, it can also be installed on walls. The noise level is comparable to the exhaust of a modern condensing boiler whilst working. The aqua box is wall mounted and can be positioned anywhere within the property. The hot water cylinder has the option of mains pressure or vented versions and again can be positioned anywhere within the property, including the loft area, solar thermal can also be added on installation or at a later date, and comes with a 3 year parts and labour warranty.


Thermapanel Classic Radiators

ECD-1 ambiente

Are you on a tight budget?  Then consider our Thermapanel Classic Electric Radiator range for any domestic or commercial property

These Electric Heater Radiators, are an ideal panel heating solution that’s “plug and play”. You probably don’t fancy the disruption and higher cost to install expensive water based central heating. The expense and disruption can really off putting. It also provides are more attractive option rather than installing Dimplex Storage Heaters, or ugly Electric Panel Heaters that leave ugly brown stains on the heater and wall

The Thermapanel Classic Electric Radiators are attractive, easy to fit and offer contemporary styling, with Aluminium meaning that they are light and will fit on to any wall including internal partition walls. The range is divided into several models.

Why not get a quote now by completing our online form by clicking on the link below

Thermapanel Quote Form

Thermapanel Salamanca Models

Thermapanel Salamanca ECD

Thermapanel Salamanca ECD

ESD ambiente

Thermapanel Salamanca ESD

ECD 1 ambiente

Thermapanel Salamanca ECD-1

ES Ambiente


Prices start from £130 + VAT and go up to £267 + VAT

So for a range of Electric Radiator Heaters with simple built-in thermostat and timer which will provide your complete solution for Electrical Heating please complete the form below.

To receive Thermapanel Classic Prices please complete the form below

The Thermapanel Classic Model designs are based upon the same principals of efficiency, performance and controllability as the rest of the Electraheat range. This coupled with incredible value for money and a ten year Guarantee makes the Classic an excellent choice.

Whether you have a small apartment or a large house to heat, the Thermapanel Classic Range provides the home with a great “plug and play” solution. We like to make sure that your radiators fit perfectly into your home so there are two contemporary designs to choose from.

For instant heat – straight out of the box, we can even supply feet – making this the quickest and easiest heating solution you’ve ever seen!

How does it work?

Inside the Aluminium body of the Classic Thermapanel is a special Thermodynamic fluid that warms each room with a healthy, radiant heat. Because the special fluid in the Classic Radiator absorbs energy very quickly, it uses very little electricity. The classic warms your room in minutes and continues to give off heat with incredible efficiency.

Simply set each room temperature and on/off time to suit your lifestyle!

A clever programmer and thermostat are built into the Classic Thermapanel to help you get the most warmth for your money. By setting each room independently, you now have the power to conserve valuable energy – and make considerable savings on your bills. In addition you have the option of a wireless control system allowing them to be used as a conventional central heating system

Lyon Remote Control

To find out how many radiators you need, call FREE on and we’ll do the rest. Alternatively, if you have a question, complete our enquiry form and find out about our bulk buy deals.


Thermapanel Classic Range radiators are special energy efficient Thermodynamic fluid filled and operate in a completely different way to the Premium units; here below are the following features.

  • Aluminium Electric Panel heater elements filled with Thermodynamic efficient Gel/oil.
  • Optional Remote control.
  • 100% efficient technology
  • LED display.
  • Adjustable room thermostat.
  • The special control electronics receive a thermal inertia which reduces the consumption as much as 50% lower than conventional radiators.
  • Timer 7-day.
  • Overheating protection.
  • On/Off switch with indicating light.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • 10 year guarantee

To maximise the power used the Thermapanel Classic thermodynamic fluid filled radiators absorb energy quickly, heat up rapidly and emit heat slowly, whilst the amount of energy required to keep each room at the desired temperature is calculated by its own intelligent thermostat. By using only the exact amount of energy that each independent radiator needs, Thermapanel Classic radiators can reduce energy consumption by as much as 50% depending on the existing system installed.

Whether you install one or several radiators, each one can also be programmed to adjust temperature whenever required, meaning that everyone can have their rooms as they like, when they like and without the need to heat a whole house when rooms are not in use.

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