How to differentiate the different types of electric heater

Our new web site is designed to get you the information you want quicker and easier, but please don’t use us as a price comparison site.

“Electric Radiators” work in many different ways depending on the manufacturer and the type of product that they sell, indeed the term “Radiator” is very loose at the bottom end of the scale.

They start at the lowest level with a simple plug-in convector heater priced at about £25 and then start creeping up to portable oil filled heater both of which you can buy in any DIY store. This is not our market. We sell proper electric radiators, that are not a mass produced off the shelf system.  Indeed they designed to last you many years and also suit a variety of budgets.  Our Electric Radiators and experience – in excess of 25 years experience are proven and not new to the market.

Our prices start from £130 – so if you are looking for a low cost short term heater – sorry we can’t help!

Sorry for this unadulterated comment on our launch but hey we do know what we are doing.


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