Choosing your Electric Tariff


Picking the right Electricity tariff from all the types available is a minefield for many of us – however fortunately the Energy regulator is now insisting that the UK’s big six providers provide much simpler tariffs to make it easier to switch, and it is imperative the you do regularly research what’s the best option for you and there are many on-line switching providers including, and to name a few.



However there have been other alternatives available from several providers known as Economy 10 and also in some areas Staywarm, but there are some rules that have to be followed.

If you want to get Economy 10 in your area then its best to try the Which web site

If you have electric heating then depending on what type you have and where you live and who pays the bills (occupier or landlord) may determine what your choices are.  Some people might prefer to fix their prices for a given time.  Also if the home is occupied all day will make a difference to how large or small the bill will be. Either way with electric heating its worth doing some basic research first as choosing the wrong tariff could cost you.

Energy Prices continue to rise and home owners and occupiers end up footing the bill and if you want to read more about this, please follow this link 




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