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Heat is the single biggest reason we use energy in our society. We use more energy for heating than for transport. This year, the UK will spend around £33 billion on heat across our economy. So if you’re running a business, keeping an eye on heating costs is an essential part of controlling office overheads. More importantly, warm staff are happy staff. Maybe it’s time to consider replacing old storage heaters, or expensive oil heating. Or perhaps you’ve a central heating system that keeps on breaking down that’s costly to replace. Or are there out buildings and stores that are hard to heat? Well Electra Heat has to be a better way to keep staff warm and happy without needless expense. Here are four ways we help businesses achieve this.

Electra Heat brings a smarter way to heat any business to exactly match the needs of each type of room, from store room to board room. Safer, cleaner and more efficient, Electra Heat delivers increased thermal efficiency by improving how you can manage heat use, for example by avoiding heating unoccupied spaces through use of wireless heating controls, without necessarily sacrificing comfort levels using state of the art wireless controllers that turn the heating on just when you need it. Meaning you only pay for what you actually use.  Electric Heating for offices is a simple process and can be tailored to any kind of room or area. Electric Office Heating

The beauty of Electra Heat is greatly reduced overheads, with no need for any annual maintenance contract.

Plus provided you’ve an electricity supply, your staff will be warm without the risk of a sudden shut down in the middle of winter, due to a boiler pump or controller failing.

Simple and easy installation means minimal disruption to your business. And if you have a room dedicated to your old boiler that could be decommissioned it could give you some much needed extra floor space.

To get the facts on most affordable options for your business, get one of our heating technicians to do a quick assessment by phone. If you have a large project then we’ll get a local engineer to do a quick site survey free of charge and obligation. They’re trained to give you a 3 to 5 year predicted total cost of ownership, with no hidden extras that you can easily compare with other forms of heating. This includes advice on best tariffs, finance and many other ways to save money as well as free software to help design optimal energy savings.

To get free consultation to reduce your heating overheads and risks, call us on the number below, or press the red button, give us your details and we’ll call you back in the next 10 minutes.


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